Such!! by Indah . . .

hi guys!! are you still to visit my web?? oh thanks girl.. πŸ™‚

okey, I’m so sorry ’cause I can’t update in here every time.. after practical test in my school,, I just try to refresh and stop to do it..

do you know? that 23th in April, I’ll working the final exam in my school.. so I must run fast girl.. huhuh but after the test, insyaallah I’ll update this web nicely.. so,, I need your prayers guys,, heheh πŸ™‚

just a simple.. actually, I don’t like to be separated .. do you know that I’ll leave my friends in Junior High School and go to High School girls?? I’m so sad but I must do that.. I also want to be which I want ,, you understand? the moment in JHS can’t be reduced //

yawn!! but which I like about the new school is ………
new shoes, new bag, new appliances, new uniform, new style, new building, new friends, new teacher, new fun and other… hweheheehhehh πŸ˜€
I was like about new things .. πŸ™‚

so,,, just like that .. emm …
o yeah,, once again ,, thanks for your visit okey.. I hope you you all never to forgetting me..

bye!! πŸ™‚ Β see you in another scene… heheh πŸ˜€


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