Happy Wednesday !!
How r u?? I hope you’re good…

ammm… I was graduated from the Junior High School and I think it was annoying ’cause I never met all of my colleagues,, perhaps,, especially my beloved friend in 1JHS ..

everyday I just opened my laptop and close it.. what do you think? euuuwh…
sometimes, I wanna go out from home and do the journey although just visit some house and maybe just shopping…

during 7 days ago, I was jumpy .. do you know? I must run fast for the new enrollment .. I was shocked when I wasn’t welcome in my favorite school.. but I believed that Allah always in my side.. I was accepted in 4 SHS so nicely. alhamdulillah….. so, I’m the spirit again!!!!! πŸ˜€

but that made me scared,, I lost my beloved friend that was welcome in 1SHS… I’ll be sure that I’ll not be able to see his face again. ouuh. but maybe it’s named destiny from Allah.. I was be grateful .. πŸ™‚

o ya,,I’m so sorry if I can’t always update my blog,, ’cause I must be focused my self for 3 years to go.. but don’t worry.. I’ll do my best to keep my blog running.. πŸ˜‰

oke guys.. I just have one photo of me.. it isn’t seriously you know.. I just trying Β to express themselves in front of my camera.. hahahah let’s check it out πŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “Terminated

  1. mau tanya donk, Wall paper cantik kyk gitu, gimana ya caranya, masih belajar nih teman,,hihi,,mohon share ya,,,

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